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Created by athletes for athletes.


 What is Three White Lights? 

-At most weightlifting or powerlifting competitions, there will be three white lights in front of the athlete. Once the athlete completes a successful lift, three white lights appear. The goal of every weightlifter and power weightlifter, is to see those lights for every rep they attempt. 
Even if you are not competing in weightlifting, your goal should be to train at your best no matter what you train for
Three White Lights. It's more than just lights, its a lifestyle. 


Who are we?
-We are two full-time college students that train and compete in the sport of weightlifting. Our goal is to train as hard as possible, to see three white lights at competitions. We are dedicated to providing athletes with durable, high-quality clothing to keep up with rigorous training. We are also proud to participate in encouraging local community growth by having our shirts and gear printed right here in the US of A!

We encourage your feedback.
-If you have any comments or feedback regarding our products or service, let us know! Visit our "Contact Us" page where you can fill out a short form to submit to us!
Privacy Policy
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How do we collect your information?
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How do we use your information?
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How do we protect your information?
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Co-Founders Alex Wienke (Left) and Ty Bayles (Right)


Ty Bayles - (Co-Founder, Owner, Website Development, and Social Media Content Manager)

Alex Wienke - (Co-Founder, Owner, Social Media Content Manager, and Team Athlete Coordinator)

Jennifer Ullman - (Unpaid Marketing Representative)


Athletes of Three White Lights


How do I place an order?
You can place an order one of four ways.
1- Here, of course! You can click the "Shop" link at the top left of your screen. This is the best and easiest way to order. 
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